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Your happiness and sense of well-being is crucial here.

Don’t push them aside because you’re telling yourself that his actions are somehow because of you.

Relationships work in millions of different ways, at millions of different levels of sexual commitment—all the way from the couple who were both virgins when they met, to couples who are very happily polyamorous, and everywhere in between.

There’s no shame in you being okay with him live-chatting.

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Your husband’s not just looking, now he’s interacting, talking/typing, exchanging, etc. Your husband is spending time with live women (through a computer screen), and his interactions are most likely of the seductive/flirtatious sort.

And he always needs to look up naked actresses: he does it when I am right next to him but he thinks I don’t notice. First, there’s nothing inherently wrong with him looking at porn or even chatting with the live chat women. That being said, your boundaries for what are acceptable to you in this monogamous relationship are extremely important.

Always remember that they are hired and paid to be sex workers, they do not love him or care about him. You do get to decide what you’re comfortable with, and he has an obligation to hear you and respect your boundaries.

A certified sex therapist would probably be even better.

If you can’t find a happy compromise, then you leave.

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