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The First Period, which incorporated production from 1891 to 1926, includes accordingly some of the most coveted – and thus expensive – Belleek piece on the market today.Sotheby’s (May 2001) Estimated Price: £3,000-4,000 Realized Price: £6,545 (~,286) Christie’s (July 2010) Estimated Price: £2,000-3,000 Realized Price: £4,375 (~,539) Ronald K.This mark was updated to include the Celtic phrase “Deanta in Eirinn,” or “Made in Ireland,” which wrapped in script around a circular cartouche featuring a Celtic knot.One will also find the addition of the company’s registry mark, “REG No 0857” included.The most modern of Black Mark Belleek examples, Third Period pieces reflect the ongoing tradition of craftsmanship as well as the company’s response to contemporary trends.This was the era, for instance, of Belleek’s incredibly popular Shamrock line, a motif featured across decorative wares as well as table services.

This addition was made to ensure compliance with contemporary tariff laws, such as the 1891 Mc Kinley Tarriff Act, that mandated that a product’s country of origin had to specified.

The following decade at that same exhibition, Belleek wares caught the eye of England’s Queen Victoria, who subsequently ordered her own service by the makers.

By the turn of the century the company had shifted its focus to pearly white Parian porcelain, so named for its smooth finish akin to the luminous marble from ancient Paros, Greece.

Belleek pottery can be worth anywhere from 0 to ,000 and beyond.

Prices vary based on quality, rarity, and the period in which the piece was made.

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