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The claimant must attend for at least 16 hours a week.

They can also satisfy condition 3 by qualifying under Case E often called the ‘fast track’ rules.

The disabled element is payable for as many children on the claim who qualify and is not subject to the two child limit.

The disability element is paid for each disabled child or QYP that a claimant is responsible for, irrespective of the two child limit policy and whether or not a basic child element is paid for the child.

If they receive the care component of DLA at any other rate, or the mobility component, even at the higher rate, they will not qualify for this element.

Similarly if they receive the standard care component of PIP or the mobility component, even at the enhanced rate, they will not qualify for this element.

Children and disability Prior to 6 April 2017, there was no separate child disability element.

Although it is called the fast track, it requires them to be off work sick for quite a long time and be in receipt of certain benefits during that time to qualify.

To meet the fast track rules they must meet all three numbered points below: Severe disability element This element is different to the disability element.

As shown below, there are several qualifying benefits, at least one of which they must be receiving now, or have received at some time in the recent past.

The benefits, and the rules for each, are set out below.

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