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You are eligible for student loan deferments only if you have not yet defaulted on your loans.Deferments allow you to postpone paying back your loans in certain circumstances.Each unemployment deferment may last for up to six months. If you are applying under the seeking full-time employment category, you must certify that you have made at least six diligent attempts to obtain full-time employment in the last six months.This deferment cannot be granted for a total of more than three years.I honestly believe we should get together and collectlvely do something about these bozo's - then again do we really want to be spending anymore time ringing or writing to these jokers!!?? Suggest we get back at them by not earning enough to start paying back our collected loans, that'll show 'em. I have also been having problems with Honours Student Loan Company.Over the past three months I have been receiving silent and nuisance phone calls for Honours Student Loan Company.

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It took tree months for this form to arrive but whilst waiting their calls kept on coming asking for repayment, sometimes up to three times a day.This is an important option, particularly since interest does not accrue for subsidized federal loans during deferment periods. If you can afford it and interest is accruing during a deferment, you should consider paying to avoid a bigger balance after the deferment is over.There are a number of other deferments available in the Perkins program only. I wouldn't mind if I'd been screwing them over or anything, but they'd messed up my deferrment for 6 months, so just decided to throw it all away and that I had to pay the backlog of cash. Seanee - HSL tried something similar on me last year; but I deflected them for a few months, then they accidentely credited my account with £2392, which cleared the arrears. Called up to query it (the day I got the letter) and im told it's actually £30 because another letter had be sent since then! Ended up having to pay them £450 last year in one lump to avoid them taking me to court. At one point last year I got a letter with a £15 charge.

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