Backdating attendance allowance

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This form can only be completed by a GP or other healthcare professional, who will then give it to you or send it directly to the DWP.

You can apply for Attendance Allowance under ‘special rules’ on behalf of someone else without their permission.

Some people miss out on Attendance Allowance because they’re put off by the claims process.

The form is long – and the answers you give are very important – but our top tips for completing the Attendance Allowance form should increase your chances of making a successful claim.

However, if you already have Attendance Allowance and you apply for local authority funded care at home or in a care home, your Attendance Allowance may be counted as income in the for residential care or home care.

Video guide to Attendance Allowance Is Attendance Allowance taxable?Receiving Attendance Allowance won’t negatively impact on any other benefits you claim.In fact, you may receive more from other benefits due to being eligible for Attendance Allowance.The letter about the money awarded won’t mention ‘special rules’.If the allowance is stopped but is due to restart, say for example when a 12-week property disregard comes to an end, it will be worth checking your bank statements or calling the Attendance Allowance helpline to ensure this has automatically happened.

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