Awkward stage of dating adult singles dating phillips maine

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If he's not talking, don't assume you know what's going on in his mind. Pressing him about the issue may make the silence even more awkward.

When you know the cause, both you and your partner can open up and begin to move towards an honest resolution.

On the other hand, if both of you can let go of the moment, have a serious discussion about your relationship and get past it, you may go on to have a long and happy relationship.

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By having a frank and empathetic discussion about what you both feel comfortable with, you will make strides to eliminate discomfort between you, and you also may strengthen your relationship on whole. If you can't get past the awkward moments or stage, you may need to move on.

For example, your guy tells you that he wants to have a "big" talk and you think that he is about to propose.

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