Aria pullman dating

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Myles showed me that I am deserving of love completely." In many ways, Precious and Ari shared a similar fear: That they would be rejected by cis-gender (when your gender identity and the sex you were assigned at birth match up -- like Jamey's) men, and live a lonely life.

But for Ari, having had the experience on "Catfish," and for Precious, being in a loving, committed relationship, has given each of these women a fresh perspective on the type of love that really matters.

"I thought ['Catfish'] would be opportunity for me to show the world, and opened the door for people to understand what transgender really means." After Jamey found out that Ari was transgender, he was interested in learning more about Ari, and maintaining the friendship they had spent so long building.

"When filming ended, Jamey and I had a phone call," Ari said.

Ari chose to share her story with Nev and Max, but telling someone that you are transgender is a personal decision.

Many transgender organizations advise that trans young people tell their dates in a public place, online or via text in case they become unpleasant or angry.

Our love transcended gender." Although they met at a trans community center in Chicago, Precious had no idea Myles was trans.For Ari, however, the opportunity to tell her story on-air was important to her."I did the show because I felt like I was hiding a part of myself from Jamey." Ari told MTV News over the phone.For many trans folks, such as Ari, disclosing is a process based on a foundation of trust, but given the space and community they were in, Myles felt comfortable telling Precious he was trans almost immediately."I was seeing his heart show and it moved me," said Precious.

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