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She said her son, Paul, was the first to put that shocking label “sociopath” on his dad.

Within days, the story was plastered on headlines and on talk shows.

Gabriel Falcon AC360° Writer Mary Jo Buttafuoco never thought it was funny. “I’m an almost murder victim, and jokes are being made? How and why her husband’s teenage mistress put a bullet in her head became fodder for the tabloids and a running gag for late night comics. As she tells it, Joey Buttafuoco is much more than a punch-line or a cheating spouse.

Now, close to two decades after her near fatal encounter with Amy Fisher, the so-called “Long Island Lolita,” Buttafuoco has found peace. In her words, “he’s a sociopath.” Buttafuoco is putting her ordeal on paper.

I wanted peace and quiet and a normal person and that’s what I have.” Buttafuoco has a new love and a new life, but her struggles were far from over. Only after being treated at the Betty Ford Clinic was she able to break the habit.

The saga for all three players in this sordid tale continues to this day.

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