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The impact will make you feel sick and get the deep sickly feeling in the pit of your stomach but these mean bitches online do not give a toss about you so they will make you keep on going till you almost pass out.

Lots of tiny little elastics bands wrapped tightly around your shaft is extremely painful.

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Lots of domes like to make their slaves pour hot chilli sauce or rub powder all over their cocks and balls. The pain will be intense as she makes you stand there and not move.

It will feel like your junk is on fire A milder form of live CBT webcam abuse, making you smear toothpaste all over your nuts will burn just like the chilli powder but not as intensely.

It depends on the level of brutality that the dominant females feel like dishing out or how much she thinks a slave deserves or even just how much pent up anger she wants to unleash.

Mistress ties his balls up nice and tight Ready for more pain for that dick and balls?

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