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Larger than a seminar room but smaller than a lecture hall, LC 102 is famous for an elaborate Tiffany window along one wall, titled .Art, Science, Religion, and Music are depicted as angels across its panes.In high school, when I told my mother that I was thinking of suicide, she suggested that we kill ourselves together, which I didn’t fully recognize as the bizarre response it was until I told the story again and again over the following decades of my life. Yale is the third-oldest university in the country, after Harvard, which is the oldest, and the College of William & Mary, which was established in 1693.

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In elementary school, I assigned myself essays to write while on vacation.The center section depicts Science surrounded by personifications of Devotion, Labor, Truth, Research, and Intuition. Why is Inspiration governed by the angel of Religion, which is to the right of it, and not by the angel of Art?) During a manic episode, I scribbled nonsense along the center and edges of my notebook pages, where I was ostensibly taking notes. was a trifecta of the things I wanted from my Ivy League schooling: Light—Love—Life. “I have a friend who went there,” someone else said.Eventually, I would stop sleeping for days at a time; then off I would go.Yale introduced me to swooning over course descriptions in the Blue Book; “shopping period”; my being openly queer; life without my family, whom I avoided calling for months; WASPS; the attitudes and postures of old money; goat cheese; people who bought six-hundred-dollar boots; the understanding that six-hundred-dollar boots existed; legacy students who’d known the fight songs since birth; Gothic architecture; Beinecke Plaza; Audiogalaxy; theory; statistical analysis; a shy young man in ill-fitting jeans I met at a party, who would eventually become my husband; 9/11 and the War on Terror; Islamophobia; Wong Kar-wai and ; secret societies; falafel and lemonade; binge drinking screwdrivers; Animal Models of Clinical Disorders; being offered, but never taking, cocaine; carillon bells ringing out Handel and “(Hit Me) Baby One More Time” as I walked to class, or stared out my dorm window; how to dress for snow; saying “I love you” and meaning it; eggnog in December; feeling so very special, as though virtuous, simply because of where I went to school.

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