5 types of dating violence

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Call 1-800-899-4000 to speak with a trained advocate who will listen without judgment.The Power and Control Wheel is a tool our advocates use with survivors to identify patterns of behavior in their relationships.Financial/Economic Because abuse is about power and control, an abuser will use any means necessary to maintain that control, and often that includes finances.Whether it is controlling all of the budgeting in the household and not letting the survivor have access to their own bank accounts or spending money, or opening credit cards and running up debts in the survivor’s name, or simply not letting the survivor have a job and earn their own money, this type of abuse is often a big reason why someone is unable to leave an abusive relationship.She says the key to identifying behavior that crosses the line is the reaction of the partner.

We’ve heard stories of abusers deliberately moving car keys (and in one case, the whole car!) or a purse, dimming the lights, and flat-out denying that certain things had taken place.The result of this, especially over a sustained period of time – and often with the isolation that abusers also tend to use – is that the victim depends on the abuser more and more because they don’t trust their own judgment.This version is courtesy of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. To learn more about the Power and Control Wheel, visit the Home of the Duluth Model online. An abusive partner may seem totally perfect in the early stages of a relationship.

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