5 things you need to know about dating a journalist

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Your date will be up on all the local news and current affairs. Successful reporters (like the one you’re dating) are ambitious and aren’t afraid to take risks. Related to #6, your date might even make the first move. Reporters make great dates to parties and family events, as they’re great at asking questions and engaging others in conversation. Your date will always have interesting stories to tell.

Your date will remember your birthday, the way you like your coffee, and that promise you made her last week.

I’m slightly ashamed to say that the following post is not my own. Visions of Clark Kent taking off the glasses and ripping off his clothes to reveal a perfectly toned body in blue spandex coming to save you run through your head. Nor are they the assholes you ladies continually fall for. Understand, we’re paid to dig deep, find the secrets and wade through bullshit.

If punctuality is your thing, a reporter won’t let you down.

We’re not trying to call you dumb (even though you don’t understand the English language), it’s habit.

The same will happen when you say “anxious” when you mean “eager” and when you answer “good” when someone asks how you are doing. Embrace it (that’s what attracted you to us in the first place, after all).

Reporters are passionate communicators, excited to share stories with a wider audience.

If you like smart guys/girls, a reporter will keep you on your toes.

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