100 real hermaphrodite

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I fled home and came to Istanbul, found a doctor who I told everything to. ‘In peace with both genders’Coşkun regained the female reproductive organs after recently undergoing three operations.The doctor who conducted the surgery even proposed a sex change to become a woman, but Coşkun said no.Other celebrities to face these rumors include Megan Fox, Ciara, and Jamie Lee Curtis.Simmering rumors of Gaga's intersexuality boiled over in 2009 after a fan posted a You Tube video showing a little "something extra" peeking out from under the singer's miniskirt during a summer performance in Glastonbury.

"This is completely ridiculous," a representative said by way of denial.

Glam diva Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Joanne Germanotta) has joined the ranks of female celebrities reputed to be hermaphrodites (people born with ambiguous genitalia or different genitalia than their chromosomes denote their gender as being).

A less subtle variant of the rumor simply claims that Lady Gaga is a man who dresses as a woman (i.e., a transvestite).

Bülent Coşkun, 34, a hermaphrodite living in Istanbul, spoke about the daily social humiliation faced by hermaphrodites, in an interview with daily Hürriyet.

Facing household attacks and constant social pressure, Coşkun’s life is emblematic of the difficulties faced by others who live with two genders.

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