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Ironically the “lone kid in a cybercafe in Ghana” who is reading his scamming-guide from a 20th generation photocopied scam-manual he bought for often slips through because it’s hard to detect them!

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Dating sites attract a lot of users who are not completely internet-savvy and so they are joining up with the assumption that people on the site are going to be somewhat similar to them. Most of it isn’t a young Nigerian or Ukrainian kid sitting at home making a few dollars.]A twist on the Romance scam is the now very common military scam where the person contacting is a serving member of “US MILITARY ON PEACEKEEPING MISSION IN TIMBUKTU” - Generally that one will go in a similar way, building trust until something happens and he needs to get money to pay his daughter’s medical bills in the US but can’t transfer the funds from where he is.These are pretty low level scams but they can and do take innocent and trusting people for hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.Bot Libre lets anyone create a bot for the web, mobile, social media, and the Internet of things.Connect your bot to Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Kik, Slack, We Chat, email, SMS, Alexa, Google Home, and more.

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