10 rules of dating lyrics

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These are performing rights societies that manage the licensing of recorded music on behalf of the recording artists, but they also provide the contact information (and often a link) to music publishers.

Please let me know if you may grant the permissions outlined above as well as the license fees involved. Sincerely, [Your name, contact info, website, social media links, and anything else that demonstrates who you are and your vision.] Helen Sedwick, is a Contributing Writer for The Book Designer.

The cost of getting permission to use lyrics in self-published books is often affordable, typically between and .

Now that won’t get you permission to use lyrics from written by Carole King and Gerald Goffin.

If they don’t handle the song, they will let you know.

Before you fill out the online forms, you’ll need the following information: You’ll have to make a judgment call here.

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