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III) Now that you know she is into you, it’s time for some flirting.Pickup lines are one of the best ways to impress a woman, but only if they are relevant, and witty.Cliche means that complimenting those things may not work because literally every guy looks for those things only, and the woman may think you’re just trying to get in her pants, and not even trying hard to do so.I’d recommend going for something that actually intrigues you.

Another possibility is that she’s just acting naughty, and if that’s the case, it means she will be more receptive to your pickup lines and more close to bodily flirtations. That’s why, I welcome you to one of the most important posts in this blog. Believe me, if you follow all the steps given in the previous posts, and get an idea of how to flirt using this one, you will get girls like Jeff Bezos gets money. If you have read my previous posts, you already know how to move around like a confident person who owns the place. Also, check out the post on Laws of Attraction, to better have an idea of what to do to catch the eyes and mind of a woman.Rather, one of the first things I would do after offering her a drink, would be to tell her how she smells. They’re sure to make her smile (at least happens with me all the time).She would either reply to this by saying thanks, and then her perfume name, or if she’s kinda naughty or genuinely speaking the truth, she may say she didn’t apply any perfume. If the first one happens, you have to continue the conversation with some more moderate stuff which I’m going to tell you about.

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